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Posted by on in Newest Arrivals

Over 30 boxes of freshwater fish, saltwater fish, inverts, plants, live rock, and driftwood rolled into Living Art yesterday.

We have a huge selection right now. Here's a list of everything that arrived yesterday:


arrow crab
emerald crab
halloween hermit crab
porcelain crab
sally lightfoot crab
spider decorator crab COVERED IN ZOANTHIDS
jumbo tigertail cucumber GREAT SAND SIFTER
xl Haw. featherduster
mangrove pod
Tukani live rock AMAZING STUFF
camel shrimp
lg. cleaner shrimp
banded coral shrimp
fire shrimp
cowry snail
lg. Nassarius snail GREAT SAND SIFTER
xl asfur angel PRIMO
coral beauty angel
flame angel
female semifasciatus angel RARE!
pygmy angel
lg. koran angel
bartlett's anthias
chalk bass
tank raised neon dottyback
black cap basslet
royal gramma
kleini butterfly
pearlscale butterfly
bangaii cardinal
redstripe cardinal
green chromis
orangeline chromis
fourstripe damsel
sm. foxface
purple firefish BIG
blue gudgeon goby
blue mandarin NICE
orangespot watchman goby
yellow watchman goby
engineer goby
lg. harlequin tuskfish
tiny harlequin tuskfish CUTE
flame hawkfish
longnose hawkfish PAIR
dusky jawfish
tiger jawfish
manilla puffer
sharpnose puffer
valentini puffer
lg. Haw. naso tang
md. tomini tang
md. yellow tang
xl bluethroat trigger SUPERMALE
sm. huma trigger
xl Haw. green bird wrasse BIG
solar fairy wrasse
lubbock wrasse
carpenters flasher wrasse
mccoskers flasher wrasse NICE
yellow coris wrasse
melanuras wrasse GREAT COLOR
sixline wrasse

sm. tank raised raphael cat
Acar. heckeli
Geo. surinamensis
Geo. "red head Tapajos" BIG AND BRIGHT
Geo. daemon
belly crawler pike cichlid
green terror
Papua red claw lobster
peacock goby
male crowntail betta
male Cambodian halfmoon betta NICE
male show betta
female betta
male platinum halfmoon betta OUTSTANDING
male dragonscale betta
faveolus pleco L037
thresher pleco L116 AWESOME
blue Panaque pleco L239
galaxy danio
algae shrimp
sumo loach
wrestling halfbeak
payara barracuda
Hap. compressicepts
Hap. "deepwater"
crystal red peacocks
sm. red peacock
sm. sunshine peacock
electric blue acara WOW
festivum NICE
peacock bass
md. black leopard eel PERSONALITY
md. fire eel
Poly. endlicheri
marble goby
purple spot goby
powder blue gourami
red dwarf gourami
red honey gourami
olga cory cat
sterbai cory cat VERY NICE
electric catfish
alvino pleco
md. butterfly pleco
sm. Hypostomus
sm. royal pleco
lg. vampire pleco L007 AMAZING
amandae tetra
black neon tetra
ghost shrimp
spotted puffer
md. pleco
sm. rainbow shark
dwarf petricola catfish SO COOL
choprae danio
male and female fancy guppy
flower/sixleg shrimp
leopard/tiger nerite snail
xl celebese rainbowfish BIG and NICE
red rainbow
boesmani rainbow
turquoise rainbow
sm. Malaysian driftwood
lg. spiderwood PHENOMINAL PIECES
more driftwood arriving today....


red melon sword
broadleaf red Ludwigia NICE
corkscrew val
Java fern
Anubias barteri
baby tears
Hygro. pinnatifida RARE and COOL
golden Nesea VERY NICE
xl banana plant
Crypt. spiralis
moss balls

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Thanks for looking and see you soon!

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Posted by on in Freshwater

How to setup a basic tropical  freshwater fish aquarium

Here’s a list of the supplies that we recommend for long-term success with most aquariums:

Aquarium (obviously), stand, lids, light, filter, heater, thermometer, gravel, gravel vacuum, background, decorations, water conditioner, water test kits (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate), algae cleaning pad/magnet, and a net.

10 Steps for setting up a basic tropical freshwater fish tank:

  1. Thoroughly rinse the gravel and decorations
  2. Locate aquarium near a bathroom or sink to make cleaning more convenient.
  3. Make sure the tank/stand are stable and positioned where you want them then pour in the gravel.
  4. Fill aquarium with water (room temperature tap water is fine in most cases)
  5. Connect filter and check to make sure it’s functioning properly.
  6. Connect heater and set between 76-78 degrees (monitor tank temperature periodically to be sure it stays within range).
  7. Wait 24 hours to ensure there are no leaks, and to be sure the filter is working fine, and the temperature is within range.
  8. At this point you visit Living Art Aquarium to pick up some easy/cheap starter fish and fish food.   The starter fish are used to establish the aquarium, which generally takes between 3-6 weeks.  This is the time to think about/research what you ultimately want to keep in the aquarium. 
  9. Use aquarium test kits after 3 weeks to check nitrogen levels (ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate) or bring in a cup of  aquarium water to Living Art Aquarium and we’ll check them for free.  If you’re levels are good, then it is time to add your dream fish.  We generally recommend around 1” of fish per gallon (ex: 10 inches of fish for a 10 gallon aquarium).

From here on it’s all about maintaining your fish tank. 

  • Regularly check filter to be sure it’s working properly and make sure the heater is heating accurately.
  • Scrub algae as needed
  • And finally most important of all, WATER CHANGES.

In an enclosed aquarium fish waste levels tend to build up over time and the only true way to reduce waste is to remove it with a gravel vacuum.  We recommend minimally a 30% water change every 3 weeks, but it is best to do small, more frequent water changes.  Oh, and don’t forget to clean or replace your filter cartridges as needed.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask us.






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    So you guys endorse fish in cycles?
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Living Art Aquarium has the best stuff for fresh or salt water fish, if your looking for quality and the best for your tanks go to this store, I am always amazed every time I go there

Felipe Rodriguez

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