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Posted by on in Newest Arrivals
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Three BIG shipments this week!

A lot of goodies this week!
Check out the full list below:

German blue ram
sm. red pike cichlid
tiny green pike cichlid
bay snook
cobalt blue discus WOW
gold pidgeon blood discus WOW
micro datnoid
quad datnoid
brown zebra pleco
dumbo shortail male betta
doubletail halfmoon male betta
super delta male betta
female betta
sparkling gourami
grasscutter catfish
sm. achara catfish
sm.tiger shovelnose catfish
md. tiger/achara hybred shovelnose cat
loxozonus cory cat
panda cory cat
julii cory cat
tiny adonis pleco
goldspot L-136 pleco
green phantom pleco L-200
vampire pleco L-029
spotted royal pleco
striped royal pleco
zamora catfish
sm. pleco
md. Hypostomus
md. flagtail Prochilodus
rummynose tetra
red serpae tetra
gold tetra
amandae tetra
Geo. daemon
electric blue Jack Dempsey
12" red Atabapo pike cichlid
scarlet Kribensis
4" bala shark
black leopard eel
choprae danio
zebra danio
algae shrimp
lampeye rasbora
vampire shrimp
parkinsoni rainbow NICE COLOR
African peacock cichlids INSANE COLOR
rock kribensis MALE AND FEMALE
albino cherry barb
black ruby barb
Hap. red empress cichlid
Hap. chrysonatus cichlid
electric blue acara NICE AND BIG
xl featherfin rainbow JUMBO
lg. Syno. pleurops catfish RARE
sm. Syno. decorus
black emperor tetra
and more....
Anubias hastifolia
Anubias barteri
Anubias nana
java fern
willow moss
xmas moss
amazon sword
red melon sword
contortion Val
Ludwigia peruensis
golden Nesea
Apon. ulvaceus bulb
large spider wood
xl spider wood
ultra long tentacle anemone
primo purple condy anemone
TONS OF NEW CORALS!!! Acans, Zoas, Fungia, Favia, Australomussa, Cyphastrea, Montipora and many more HIGH END corals!
Nassarius snails
blue tuxedo urchin
strawberry crab
tiger pistol shrimp
blue linkia starfish
sm. seahare
longarm crab RARE!
orange frogfish
hifin snapper
blueface angel
lamarck angel
xl flame angel
lg. ralinbow princess parrot
bicolor parrot
xl supermale filamented flasher wrasse
xl supermale redfin fairy wrasse and females
harlequin basslet
xl Haw. hardwicke wrasse WOW
xl scooter blenny
octofasciata butterfly RARE
Kupang damsel
Plesiops pair RARE!!!
supermale melanuras wrasse
Indo yellow coris wrasse
ghost ribbon eel
aiptasia eating filefish
wardi sand goby
yellowtail wrasse
white tail Anampses wrasse
blue hanae dart goby AWESOME
blue mandarin
spotted mandarin
twinstripe nano goby
red lyretail hawk
tiger jawfish
sm. tomini tang
md. bluethroat trigger pair
solar fairy wrasse
cuvier coris wrasse RARE
male bipartitus leopard wrasse
male exquisite fairy wrasse
Haw. moorish idol PERFECT
and more....

More freshwater arriving Monday.  Stop in, our selection is Hot right now!

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Living Art Aquarium has the best stuff for fresh or salt water fish, if your looking for quality and the best for your tanks go to this store, I am always amazed every time I go there

Felipe Rodriguez

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