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Posted by on in What's New


1347659882Living art aquarium is now stocking revive coral dip from two little fishies.

We highly recommend using this product before adding most corals to your display aquarium.

It's great for cleansing your new corals of any unwanted pests.


ReVive Coral Cleaner™

A revolutionary product developed by Julian Sprung for cleansing live stony and soft corals, zoanthids, and anemones. It is a surface cleaning dip based on plant extracts. Use for all general purpose live coral cleansing, as a part of acclimation to aquariums when corals or anemones are first received, for rinsing prior to shipping, and for rinsing newly fragmented corals, such as at coral farming facilities. 500 ml (16.8 fl oz) bottle.

pdf Click here to to see Ten reasons why you should use ReVive Coral Cleaner.648.27 KB


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Posted by on in What's New


The World's Most Advanced LED System.

The new Vega is a state-of-the-art lighting system with wireless control capabilities, near limitless color possibilities and individual LED sequencing.

Available in four models:

  • Vega Blue - White
  • Vega Blue - Black
  • Vega Color - White
  • Vega Color - Black



With built-in wireless control capabilties you can connect wirelessly to the New Controller or upcoming Director platform with ease and freedom.



No longer are effects isolated to a group of colors or fixtures, with LED-level sequencing our weather effects are the most realistic ever. Clouds sweep across your tank and lightning streaks and zig-zags along your fixtures.



Endless Color

Have a color or spectral requirement for your tank? With our new PowerPuck™ system you can customize your existing Vega to your specific needs. Just use our Color Configuration tool (coming soon) and order new PowerPucks™ directly from AI.

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Posted by on in What's New


LED Module

The AI Sol is the ultimate in aquarium lighting and is the culmination of performance and design.



This is the reason you started the tank in the first place, to see your corals grow and flourish in a pristine environment. The AI Sol has a proven track record since it was first introduced in 2007 and users continue to see phenomenal growth. LPS and SPS all flourish under the precision lighting environment.

Examples of growth under the Sol:

Coral Growth Coral Growth Coral Growth Coral Growth 


The AI Sol is the most controllable aquarium lighting available in the industry. Pick the look you want with a vast array of color options at your fingertips.

Compatible with the following controllers:

  • AI Controller
  • GHL Profilux
  • Digital Aquatics Reefkeeper
  • Neptune Apex


Managing your light is a right, not a privilege. The AI Sol exclusively uses white Cree XP-G and blue/royal blue XP-E series LEDs with a combination of our proprietary 40 and 70 degree lenses, balanced specifically to achieve the greatest spread without sacrificing intensity.


At just 75W from the wall per module, the Sol is one of the most efficient lighting solutions available. With low energy consumption and minimal heat output, you can watch your coral grow and your energy bill shrink.


We grow with you. Whether you have upgraded to a larger tank or just want more lighting in your current tank, our modular system provides you the flexibility no other product offers.



We know how important your investment is. We've designed the AI Sol to be forward thinking, and allow for upgrades as the technology progresses.

Like personal computers, LED technology is advancing rapidly. The AI Sol is completely modular, allowing for upgrades as desired.

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Posted by on in What's New

About the food!

Lets face it. Saltwater tanks are a big investment. With all the time, tears, and money we invest in our tanks we all want to feed our creatures the very best diet available.

Limpits Reef Buffet uses only the finest ingredients available. Almost all the ingredients in Limpits Reef Buffet are in raw form to give you the highest level of nutrition possible.

When you purchase Limpits Reef Buffet, you are getting nothing but 100% high quality ingredients - NO WATER ADDED AS FILLER!

The Original Blend is available in 4oz. and 10oz. flat packs.

The Small Particle Blend is available in 4oz. and 10oz. flat packs.



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Welcome to our site blog

We would like to welcome you to the new Living Art Aquarium website.

Here you will find information on all of  our new fish shipments, our current specials,  and helpful hints on how to create a successful aquarium.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be the 1st to know what’s happening at your friendly neighborhood fish store.

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Living Art Aquarium has the best stuff for fresh or salt water fish, if your looking for quality and the best for your tanks go to this store, I am always amazed every time I go there

Felipe Rodriguez

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