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Part of the fun at Living Art is that the stock is changing everyday. We get fish from local breeders/hobbyists daily and from wholesalers throughout the U.S. weekly. After more than 15 years of experience, we have found suppliers who are reliable and share the same mentality of moral over money. Because of these supplier relationships, we are confident that the fish and invertebrates that we sell are collected and transported in a sustainable and safe way.

Much of our focus is on promoting captive breeding and providing as many fish and corals that were bred/propagated in captive environments to our customers. With the long-term goal for the hobby being, produce, whatever livestock there is a demand for, in captivity and become fully sustainable.

We are also known for bringing in fresh and saltwater life that are considered to be rare or unusual for hobbyists to encounter in the trade.

If you are looking for something in particular and are having trouble finding it, let us know. We can special order anything within reason.

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Living Art Aquarium has the best stuff for fresh or salt water fish, if your looking for quality and the best for your tanks go to this store, I am always amazed every time I go there

Felipe Rodriguez

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